A few facts to get you started and then some questions to get you thinking!
1-       Here is some info before you get started on the film

Stones, Pounds, ounces, miles, yards” or “feet” are British and American ways of weighing and measuring things. Here is a general conversion table to make things easier:
Here are some of the key numbers about Spurlock, converted into more familiar references:

2- And here are the questions that are to be answered during or after the film!

1-       Try and sum up in a couple of sentences what the film is about and what it is aimed at.

2-       Explain at least 2 things in the film that shocked you, and why.

3-       Who did the first graders recognize the best? Why?

4-       Why is McDonald’s marketing to children an issue? 

5-       Why was the lawsuit against Macdonald a failure?

6-       Why are they repeatedly comparing cigarette smokers and overweight people?

7-       Did this movie change your view of fast food? 

8-       Should fast food companies be held responsible for the obesity problem in the US?

9-       Do you believe that people can have food addictions? Why or why not?

10-   What is the main issue regarding the comparative advertising budgets of the fast food industry, the candy companies and the “5 a Day fresh fruit and vegetables Campaign”?

11-   Does our society promote an unhealthy attitude toward food? If so, give examples. Also give examples if you think that our society tries to improve our eating habits?