About the history of the 2 parties formation

From the independence until the Civil War, a conflict began between the Federalists (like Washington, Hamilton or Adams) and anti-federalists (like Jefferson or Madison), defenders of the rights of States. The anti-federalist party formed the Democratic Republican Party, was dominant between 1800 and 1830 by eliminating the Federalists.

In 1824, the party divided in two. Some of its members founded a “democratic” party (the Jacksonian populists) and the other, “national Republicans”, formed  the"Whigs", inspired by conservative ideas. The “democrats” dominated the political scene from 1830 to 1850.

In 1854, a reconstruction occurred for the accession to new states and about the dispute over slavery. With other dissidents (including Abraham Lincoln), some of the Whigs created the Republican Party, with a strong devotion to an anti-slavery ideology. The Democratic Republican Party became the Democratic Party and it is linked to theories of slavery, particularly in the South. Thus was born the modern two-party system.

After Lincoln was elected as President in 1860, which caused the Civil War, the victory of the Northern soldiers (the Yankees) ensured the almost complete domination of the Republicans from 1860 to 1932 (except the election of Thomas Wilson in 1913).

After Roosevelt democrat presidency between 1932 and 1945, alternating between Democrats and Republicans will be much more regular.

The duel between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

An example of this primary election is the duel between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the democrats. This duel was important for America because it was time to mark a break with the politics which had led Georges W. Bush since eight years. Even if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were of the same party, there were differences in their program.
For example, Hillary Clinton was for he death penalty, Barack Obama was him for the gratitude of the genocide in Darfour. Furthermore, this election was historical because Hillary Clinton could become the first woman president of the United States and Barack Obama could become the first black president of the United States.
Thibaut Goacolou